Caboolture Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Parking and Transport

The new multi-storey car park is now open. The carpark is owned and operated by Queensland Health, there is no parking on the Caboolture Private Campus and all attending the private hospital must park in the car parks surrounding.

A parking fee will apply to park in the car parks. 

Parking rates incl. GST (starting mid-2023)

Time Fee
0-15 minutes Free
15-60 minutes $3.00
1-2 hours $5.00
2-3 hours $7.00
3-4 hours $9.00
4-6 hours $11.00
6-24 hours $13.00

Concessional rates

A concession program is in place to provide a discount to parking fees for eligible patients and primary carers.

People may be eligible if they are a patient or primary carer and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Frequent attendee – where the patient needs to be at the hospital two or more times a week for two (2) weeks or longer with average visit time of 3 hours per attendance
  • Inpatient Extended stay – where the patient stays in hospital for 21 or more days in a row
  • Financial hardship
  • Other special considerations

Concession passes will be purchased by Caboolture Private Hospital for use as above.

If a patient meets one of the eligibility criteria, they will apply for a concession by requesting this from Nurse Unit Manager of Ward/Infusion Service.

Administration Manager will be notified by email Monday of each week with approved patient/carers for concession passes.

Patients/Carers can collect concession passes from administration staff at Front Reception.

Only one patient or carer will be issued a concession pass per day.

Concession passes will be allocated as per car parking time and concession rates will be as per Caboolture Public rates.