Caboolture Private Hospital
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Services Overview

Clinical Services

Caboolture Private Hospital is an acute care hospital committed to providing the highest standards of specialised services, skilled personnel and sophisticated technologies. Equipped with advanced equipment, the highest infection control standards and exceptional nursing standards we are able to provide the very best medical and surgical care to patients.

Our Breast Surgeons consult at Caboolture Private and work alongside a Medical Oncologist who provides a collaborative approach to cancer care.

The Gastroenterology Specialists at Caboolture Private Hospital are provided within a modern and fully equipped facility. Open access (for insured and uninsured) patient’s as well as private clinics are available with a full range of Endoscopic services including: upper gastrointestinal, endoscopy, and colonoscopy.

General Medical services are offered and are well supported by our specialists covering a wide range of general medical services including but not limited to endocrinology, gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, cardiology and peri-operative medicine.

General Surgery covers all aspects of general surgery including upper gastro-intestinal, colo-rectal and endocrine surgery.

The operating theatres at Caboolture Private Hospital enjoy an enviable reputation with the latest technology whilst employing the highest infection control standards.

A wide range of the gynaecological services are provided using the latest laparoscopic equipment.

Caboolture Private provides a day oncology service with specialist nursing support services to assist patients to cope with their treatment and post treatment needs. A collaborative approach amongst our nursing and medical oncologist is fostered to provide exceptional standards of care in a supportive and friendly environment.

Caboolture Private Hospital is now able to offer the services of the Kim Walters Choices Program (KWCP) in collaboration with the Wesley Hospital. A KWCP satellite program, the Choices STRETCH exercise group commenced in March 2006 for the benefit of women and men from the area living with breast cancer.

The Choices STRETCH program is designed to meet the specific needs of patients immediately following breast cancer surgery and treatment. The program utilises exercises to improve range, motion, flexibility and strength particularly in the upper body.

For more information about the Choices Stretch Program contact our Caboolture Private Oncology Staff on 07 5495 9429.

Central Lakes Eye Clinic is a comprehensive specialist medical practice equipped with state of the art equipment and technology. This enables full consultant assessment of all major diseases and disorders of the eye.

The procedures that patients may have undertaken include:

  • Cat & IOL surgery
  • Pterygium removal
  • Eyelid procedures (Ectropion & Entropion) BCC excision
  • Intra-ocular injections (intravitreal injections for macular degeneration), diabetes and other medical retinal disorders
  • Vitreo-Retinal procedures
  • Glaucoma surgery and laser procedures
  • YAG, S.L.T. and retinal lasers

Our Specialist

A wide variety of oral services are available and provided by an exceptional group of medical and nursing staff.

The Orthopaedic service at Caboolture Private Hospital is one of a general orthopaedic nature with a strong emphasis on elective surgery of the hip, knee, foot, hand and shoulder.

Palliative care may be provided on an outpatient and inpatient basis dependent upon individual needs.

The patient, caregivers and family needs and wishes are acknowledged and they are involved in the care planning and decision making for ongoing coordinated care.

The Plastic Surgery at Caboolture Private Hospital provides a broadly based plastic surgery service. Patients referred to this specialty include patients with skin and other malignancy requiring general plastic work.

Pre-admission clinics are available in :
— Surgical
— Day procedures

See our Pre-admission Services for more information.

Endoscopic Urological services are provided at Caboolture Private for both day and overnight procedures.

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