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Caboolture Private Hospital awarded ACHS accreditation

Sep 17, 2010

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), Australia’s leading independent authority on healthcare, has recognised the high quality care given to patients at Caboolture Private Hospital by once again awarding a Certificate of Accreditation to Caboolture Private Hospital for a period of four years.

Caboolture Private Hospital’s Director of Clinical Services Helen Jones said today “ this sends a clear message to the community that Caboolture Private Hospital, its management and staff, are committed to excellence in health care with a strong and continuing focus on safety, quality and performance.

“I would like to commend all involved including, importantly, consumers, for their contribution not only during the arduous assessment and evaluation process, but also for their support and commitment to quality through continuing dialogue and improvement initiatives.

“We are aware that consumers today, demand a high standard of health care and we are pleased and proud that Caboolture Private has been recognized for meeting their expectation.”

The ACHS is an independent, not-for-profit organization which has received international recognition for excellence in assessment and evaluation, world wide, with certificates of achievement form the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) and is responsible for accrediting the majority of health organizations throughout Australia.