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Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, Caboolture Private Hospital specialist Gerard Bourke

Dr Gerard Bourke


Dr Gerard Bourke is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with 20 years’ experience specialising in foot, ankle and knee disorders, who has relocated from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast.

Prior to commencing orthopaedic training, Dr Bourke participated in the sports medicine training program.  He has worked as the assistant Richmond Football Club doctor (AFL) for two years and a member of Sports Medicine Australia for over 20 years.

Dr Bourke utilizes his skills and experience in sports medicine to treat both athletes and non-athletes.  He has an interest in biomechanics, especially gait analysis, and has vast experience in the operative and non-operative treatment of diabetics and neuropathic foot ulcers, as well arthritic disorders and deformity such as claw toes and bunions.

Dr Bourke is a leader in innovative surgical techniques including great toe replacement surgery, quadriceps tendon for use in knee reconstructive surgery, synthetic ligaments to augment ankle ligament reconstruction.

An experienced researcher, Dr Bourke has delivered multiple presentations at local and international conferences and is the inventor of an absorbable pin for use in the treatment of claw toes which is sold worldwide.

Dr Bourke’s patients will be provided with a “one stop shop” service during post-operative recovery, with allied health support available in the rooms and no need for multiple appointments. He owns the only weight bearing CT scanning machine in Queensland, providing immediate 3D images of the foot and ankle, with minimal radiation and no waiting for a result (this service is bulk billed for his patients). The pressure sensitive treadmill allows pre and post-operative assessment and treatment of all lower limb disorders.

Dr Bourke looks forward to continuing his great interest in health and wellbeing living on the Sunshine Coast, and is a long-time participant in beach volleyball, triathlons, AFL football and fitness retreats.

* Foot and ankle surgery

* Deformity correction such an bunions and claw toes

* Treatment of arthritis and other degenerative diseases

* Treatment of foot disorders in diabetics and other neurological conditions such as spina bifida and Charcot Marie Tooth

* Ligament reconstruction of the ankle and knee

* Joint replacement of the great toe, ankle and knee