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Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment

Why have an Occupational Therapy driving assessment?

Driving plays an important role in our lives in Queensland. It allows easy access to our family and friends, essential medical services, work and hobbies.

The complexity of driving is often forgotten over the years and we tend to drive on autopilot. The aim of a driving assessment is to assess the impact of a medical condition / health issue and/or injury on driving capacity. Australian legislation requires a driver to report any medical condition that may impair safe driving ability.

What does the assessment involve?

Your doctor will refer you for a driving assessment.

The assessment involves two parts:

  1. Off Road Driving Assessment (2hrs):
    • Interview regarding previous driving history and future driving needs.
    • Screening of strength, joint range of movement, coordination, reaction speed, sensation as required for driving.
    • Screening of cognition and perception as related to driving.
    • Assessment of road law knowledge.

  2. On Road Driving Assessment (1hr):
    • The practical driving assessment involves a qualified driving instructor in a dual controlled vehicle, either manual or automatic.
    • The On Road assessment follows the Off Road assessment and occurs on public roads.


  • The Occupational Therapy Driving Assessor will send a report with recommendations to your treating and/or referring doctor, who will make the final decision related to driving.
  • Feedback will be provided throughout the Off Road and On Road assessments and a copy of the report may also be forwarded to you for your records.

What are the possible outcomes?

  • Pass with an unrestricted license.
  • Pass with restrictions (i.e. local area; time of day; automatic)
  • Pass with modifications (i.e. hand controls; side mirrors)
  • Unsuccessful – driving alternatives may be investigated.
  • Driver remediation, lessons to improve driving skills and re-assess after further recovery.


Referrals can be made by your treating G.P. and/or specialist and faxed to 07 3353 7871 or emailed to Funding options may be available for eligible applicants.

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Please note all Occupational Therapy Driving Assessments will take place at Ramsay Private Hospital North West.